Center table

Manufactured in Lucca, second half of the XVIII century

Painted golden wood

Carrara marble top
cm. 80 x 92 x 92

Private collection.


The change from rocaille-style decorations to neoclassical decorations took place gradually in Italy starting from the seventies of the Settecento. In the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, the new neoclassical style was highly appreciated both by the clients of Siena and the rich nobles of Lucca.

This table manufactured in Lucca has this new style typical of the end of the century: the rococo style is already diluted in ornaments arranged in a more geometrical disposition. The Carrara top marble, in fact, is supported by a golden poplar-wood fascia lacquered in white and light-blue, richly decorated with geometrical and floral patterns: double buds are alternated one from another by small golden rosettes, whereas the four golden corners are embellished by lion-heads resting on golden legs shaped like truncated pyramids with white fluting.