Pair of Sevres vases

Manufacture Imperial de Sevres, 1813 – 1815

decorated in gold and platinum on blue ground, two handles decoration and base in gilt bronze

Red print under the base: Manufacture Imperiale Sevres/ 13 . av. 12

Measures: h. cm.55


In 1756, on the initiative of Luis XV, the famous porcelain Manufacture working since 1738 in Vincennes moved to Sèvres. Officially became manifacture royale, Sèvres Manufacture,  still working, predominated in such a field  until the beginning of the nineteenth century. Since its foundation, its porcelains had an extremely refined and light style.

These two ovoid-shaped body vases are characterized by Manufacture’s typical blue ground called blue de Sèvres; and the purely ornamental refined decorations covering almost entirely the surface are made in gold and platinum. Like in the greatest number of Sèvres products, decorations style and genre are the fruit of the style of that time; nevertheless, they present  a research of coherence both of style and subjects between the whole decoration and the form. Each object Manufacture produced had an absolutely original ornament, conceived as a whole. Both the support and the handles are made in golden bronze, and the latter are shaped like dolphins with a curly tail. The vases date back to 1813-1815, in the middle of imperial age, as underlined by the hallmark under the base. During that time, and mostly in the following years, decoration developed a naturalistic trend; an element that appears in the zoomorphic handles and in the frieze shaped like leaves and shoots